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We provide planning and
analytics that stick.

When more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race, overwhelm is common.

Together, we can create
order from chaos.

When we distill your data, truths emerge.
Predictions are made with conviction.
Decisions are sound.

You feel relief.

Does it require breaking nasty habits? Yes.
Will progress be incremental? Absolutely.

OnPoint draws from our own values:
Lifelong learning.
Hard work. No, really hard work.

Case Studies


Collaboration is so darn effective.

Challenge: Stabilize post-go-live implementation; strengthen connections between finance and technology teams; large-scale project with complex requirements

Result: Global statutory reporting across multiple currencies, cultures and subsidiaries; complex profit-margin models translated into clear metrics; real-time cash-flow solution

Johns Manville

Strategic leadership is mighty.

Challenge: Structure and lead a start-up project; develop business requirements; grow executive sponsorship

Result: First-ever adopted standards for analytics; integrated forecasts; global SAP planning solution; personalized dashboards

Higher Education, Bay Area

We’re masters at process architecture.

Challenge: Optimize cross-departmental project performance; invigorate team collaboration; introduce a new process strategy

Result: Detailed fund allocation; granular labor distribution; multi-cycle forecasting; automated translation of actuals to predictions

“Not only is Geir a pleasure to work with, but he brings great depth of knowledge from both technical and process standpoints. He thinks on his feet and keeps the end-user at the forefront of solutions—two things that set a good architect apart from a great one.”

– Karissa Whalen
Senior Manager Enterprise Reporting and Analytics, Crocs

Let’s begin. You’re worth it.

Geir Boe, OnPoint Intelligence

Geir Boe, Owner & Managing Partner

Pride Partner of Tidemark