Our proven approach and expertise has given us the opportunity to deliver a new approach to the planning experience: Onpoint Planning.

This is a partnership between your organization and Onpoint, we consider it a white glove service that includes software, best practice model, configuration, training and lifelong support.

Let’s take a look at some challenges we address…

Agile Planning

Building new projections in response to ever evolving ‘what-ifs?’ and business needs can be challenging and take time.

Common Problem with Poor Planning

Our Solution

With a clearly defined process, knowing where to make changes keeps it easy. Assumptions or adjustments are quickly submitted and dynamically flow to presentation views and reporting available instantly to all who need it.

One Version of the Truth

The ongoing process of tying actuals within an ocean of excel files and versions can bring any FP&A team to a crawl and introduces unnecessary risk.

Common Problem with Poor Planning

Our Solution

With a single version of the truth, you’ll no longer wonder if your report is the latest & greatest or if someone will be presenting conflicting reports.

Excel Hell

Version control, broken formulas, performance and security are only some of the hurdles Excel presents on a daily basis.

Common Problem with Excel Hell

Our Solution

Remove excel from the equation. Cloud technology offers speed, reliability and control where you need it most. Spend more time analyzing your data and less time ensuring it’s accurate.

Onpoint Planning

Our solution to common challenges


Industry leading model based on proven methodology powered by state of the art planning technology. Escape from lengthy development cycles, problematic upgrades and broken Excel models.


We’ll get you up and running on our model within weeks, without extensive service agreements.


Custom training will quickly bring team members up to speed.


We function as an extension to your team and take care of routine maintenance and support. Loading actuals, seeding forecast iterations, master data management, questions and guidance. It’s all included.

Contact us for an assessment and pricing.

Our Service

A deeper understanding

Onpoint's proven approach and expertise has given us the opportunity to deliver a brand-new planning experience: Onpoint Planning. Onpoint Planning delivers to our clients an industry leading, cloud-based Revenue and Expense models without the headaches of lengthy development cycles, problematic upgrades and the tortures of broken models living in Excel. Your planning solution will be up and running in a couple of weeks, without the need for extensive service agreements and the related rates.

No longer worry about getting the support you need after your model is deployed. Let Onpoint Intelligence become an extension of your team and take care of the routine maintenance and support so you can free up your team for higher value tasks. Loading actuals, seeding forecast iterations, master data management, general questions and guidance… It’s all included with the annual licensing of the model. Our model is based on best practices that set your team up for continued success long after the initial configuration and deployment.

Need training? Not a problem. We offer custom training that will quickly bring team members to comfort levels they need to be effective with our model.

We understand that business needs and requirements evolve over time. Having Onpoint as an extension to your internal team means you already have configuration experts intimately knowledgeable about your existing model. Enhancements and changes can be deployed within the shortest possible window to keep progress and momentum moving in the right direction: Forward.

Have additional planning needs that you’d like for us to resolve? We have the experience to design and deploy custom models that address all facets of your business. Tell us about the particular challenges you’re facing, and we’ll create a solution specifically designed for your business.

Contact us for an assessment and pricing.

Case Study: Crocs

Collaboration is so darn effective.


Stabilize post-go-live implementation; strengthen connections between finance and technology teams; large-scale project with complex requirements


Global statutory reporting across multiple currencies, cultures and subsidiaries; complex profit-margin models translated into clear metrics; real-time cash-flow solution

Case Study: Higher Education, Bay Area

We’re masters at process architecture.


Optimize cross-departmental project performance; invigorate team collaboration; introduce a new process strategy


Detailed fund allocation; granular labor distribution; multi-cycle forecasting; automated translation of actuals to predictions

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